More Fall kitchen decor

I want to show you few more adorable fall decor pieces that I added to my kitchen recently. I already shared with you my hot cocoa/tea station, as well as three quick and easy, fall DIYs.

First is this beautiful pink pumpkin soap dispenser that I got from Burlington. You can also find it in white color. Both colors look absolutely gorgeous and so elegant. I’m using my pumpkin soap dispenser to hold dishwashing liquid.

pink pumpkin soap dispenser

I have few kinds of salt and pepper shakers and I like to switch them around, depending on the season or holiday. I took out my cute white pumpkin ones with the gold stems. They are from Target from a year or two ago. They also look so elegant.

pumpkin salt and pepper shakersdonut worry towel

I also added two more golden pumpkins since the look that I’m going after is all white, pink and gold.

The first pumpkin has the smallest glitter flakes and is so sparkly; this photo doesn’t do it justice just how pretty and glittery it is in real life. I don’t remember where I got this from since it was from few years ago.

gold sparkly pumpkin

The second beaded pumpkin is from Z Gallery. I got it few years ago, but they are still available for purchase. This is one of my favorite pumpkins. It has such pretty stem and leaves.

silver glitter beads pumpkinz gallery sparkly pumpkin canisters

Here is how it all comes together.

fall kitchen decor mint pink

My Baby Wolfie Kiss

2 thoughts on “More Fall kitchen decor

  1. Hi!
    Just wondering if you ever want to sell the pink pumpkin hand soap dispenser, please let me know! I absolutely love it and can’t find anything like it he re in the Philadelphia/New Jersey range. Enjoy your weekend and thank you!

    1. Hi Maureen,

      Thank you so much for writing me. I’m so sorry you can’t find it anywhere! I love my pink pumpkin and I don’t think I will be selling it any time soon… Do you have Burlington in your area? If you do, sometimes some stores have same things from last year so check it out again…I’ll let you know if I see it somewhere in stores again…

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