Yes!!! More pumpkins from Target…

This year, Target got me so excited about pumpkins. That’s not to say that I’m not pretty much excited every time I enter Target, but this time especially I was so thrilled. Not only do they have the cutest ceramic pumpkins, but they are also selling the popular velvet-like ones.

Velvet pumpkins are beautiful but can be so expensive. When I was on vacation in Florida during the summer, I came across these velvet pumpkins with crystals that cost more than 30 dollars. The ones from Target cost one dollar each! The price is just amazing! However, I wish they had more color options, because I have been on a hunt for light pink pumpkins.

Nonetheless, I bought three gray ones. What I love about these pumpkins, besides their soft texture, is the natural-looking stems. I decided to do a quick DIY with them, because I wanted to make them prettier.

Target pumpkinsvelvet pumpkins gray

For this DIY, all you need is: Mod Podge, glitter with smaller flakes and a paint brush. I first painted the stem with Mod Podge and poured glitter over it while still wet. If you are not happy with the first coverage, you can repeat this process, so that everything gets covered with glitter. Once the glitter coat is dry, you can put another coat of Mod Podge over it so there isn’t any glitter fallout.

Look at the results! I think the pumpkins look amazing now!

sparkly stem pumpkinsgold stem gray pumpkin

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