DIY Michaels skull with beads

One of the prettiest things that I have recently seen going around the internet is a blush skull with beads from Michaels (Ashland brand). People went on a crazy hunt for these and pretty soon they all sold out. The moment I saw a picture of this on Instagram, I knew I wanted to make my own. This DIY is so simple. The materials I used to decorate my skull were: pink and gold acrylic paint, gold glitter, pearls and pink sequins. You can use any other colors and materials for this project.

I bought my skull from Walmart. I like it because it can move its jaw.

Walmart skullHalloween skull

First, I colored the skull pink. I used the acrylic paint that I already had at home, but I would prefer a much lighter pink or blush color.

DIY skull Halloween

Next, I added glitter with Mod Podge on the right socket and where the nose would be.

pink gold skull

Then I painted the other eye socket with gold acrylic paint.

glitter skull

Lastly, I glued peals and pink sequins on to the skull.

pearly skull

I enjoyed this DIY so much and am loving the result.

Michaels pearl skull DIYglitter pumpkin

I think I’ll do this DIY again some time in the future!

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