Closet transformation – part 2: shelving

It has been a long time since my last blog post, but as I have promised, here is part 2 of my closet transformation. If you enjoy decorating, read on, because this post is all about that. For this closet makeover, I took out all the brown shelving (pictured below) and replaced it with white IKEA KALLAX shelf units (4 x 4 cubes).

girly pink closet accessories Chanel

Now, the left side of my closet looks completely different. The right side is still the same with the IKEA PAX wardrobe system. I had to add two more drawers in my PAX so that I can fit all of my clothes from the brown shelves there. That is the first thing that I did: reorganizing all of my clothes in my PAX organizer. The next thing I tackled was the new white shelves.

pink closet IKEA Kallax

Decorating the shelves was, of course, something that I enjoyed the most.

swan closet IKEAgirly closet

jewelry eyelashes purse

The main color scheme of my closet is: light pink, gold and white. Last time, my theme was unicorns, but this time around I chose swans (although I still kept some of my unicorns!). Swan decorations are so beautiful and elegant.

swan piggy bank

sex and the city book

When it came to decorating the cubes, I wanted to have some symmetry. Starting with the top shelves, I displayed my favorite purses on each side. On the left side is my Chanel dupe from Amazon and my eyelashes purse, while on the far right side are my two favorite light pink Betsey Johnson purses with little, white bows.

eyelashes purse Chanel dupe

Betsey Johnson bow bags

At the top, middle shelves are my favorite jewelry pieces and my cutest trinket dishes.

pink Eiffel Tower unicorn trinket tray

unicorn ring holder

Nordstrom heart trinket dish

gold jewelry arrow glitter

Target arrow trinket

Lauren Conrad jewelry gift box

One row below, on the far right and left sides, are the dreamy SLMISSGLAM brush books and the unicorn makeup brush set.

slmissglam brush book

unicorn brushes slmissglam

In the middle of the same row, I have a pink lantern (from IKEA) where I hold my watches. Next to it is a unicorn candle from Home Goods. The beautiful white box, also from Home Goods, holds my hair accessories. In the last two rows are mostly boxes, containers and bins that hold more of my accessories, winter hats/scarves and smaller purses.

Betsey Johnson heart bag

I am beyond happy with how everything has turned out. White shelves look so much better and are very elegant and fancy.

One last thing that I did was adding an acrylic shelf, also from IKEA, above the IKEA KALLAX. I absolutely love anything acrylic, and I knew this would be perfect for my closet. The shelf was such a great price, too, considering it’s acrylic.

unicorn eyelashes pink decorgolden crown ornamentacrylic shelf IKEA

How do you like my closet so far? But wait, there is more to come… Stay tuned for more blog posts on my closet makeover!!

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