Easy DIY Fall wreath

Do you remember my Target winter wreath that I decorated and used as spring decor? Well, today I did a simple DIY and made it into fall decor! This grapevine wreath is plain and simple, and yet, at the same time, so gorgeous and elegant. You can do so much with it, but I chose this time to decorate it minimally. Its silver and gray branches with specks of gold on them go with almost any color, and to make things even better, the wreath lights up.

gold glitter silver wreathlights silver wreath

I decided to decorate the wreath with pumpkins for the fall. I bought a set of three small ones at a dollar store. Since I wanted to keep going with the pastel theme, I chose pink, purple and blue. I used the pearl acrylic paint from Martha Stewart collection, and the pumpkins came out looking metallic, just what I was going after.

Martha Stewart acrylic paintpearl acrylic Martha Stewart paintpastel pumpkinsmetallic pumpkins

I also picked up some pinecones from a dollar store.


The only thing left to do was decorate the wreath. I left the pinecones their original color, but if I had more time, I would have maybe added some silver or gold acrylic paint to them.

Dollar tree pumpkins DIY pastelnatural pinecones

Here is the result. It’s simply fabulous!

fall wreathTarget sparkly wreath winter


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