Closet transformation – part 1: art wall

When I started my blog more than two years ago, the first blog post that I have written was about my favorite place in the house: my closet.

furry rug IKEA glam closet organization

I have always loved everything about my closet: how I organized it and decorated it. However, the one thing that I wanted to change for the longest time was the brown shelves. I absolutely love white furniture, because it looks so elegant.

Few months ago, I finally started working on this big project. I have completely transformed the whole left side of my closet, as well as the art wall. I’m so excited to share everything with you in my “closet transformation” series.

girly pink closet accessories Chanel

The first thing that I want to share is how I changed my art wall, the focal point of my closet. This was the last step in my closet transformation that I just completed few days ago. I waited for a long time to finish this, because I was looking for the right pieces to hang.

Besides my love for unicorns, I also think swans are so beautiful and elegant. Few months ago, while I was shopping at Hobby Lobby, I came across a true gem: a ceramic swan wall decor. This was definitely my main inspiration for the new art wall. The swan was, however, pretty ruined with black scratches all over its white body (it’s hard to tell from the photos). If I remember correctly, it initially cost over 30 dollars, but this swan was on clearance for only few dollars. I never came across such an amazing deal! I bought the swan and couldn’t wait to fix it.

wall decor swanswan with crown wall decorHobby Lobby swan wall decor

First, I spray painted the whole swan white. It turned out amazing. All the scratches and black marks were gone. Then, I carefully painted its beak gold. Going a step further, I added glitter on its crown with some Mod Podge.

gold white swanglitter crown swan

I placed my brand new swan at the center of the art wall. The theme I was going after was pink and gold.

pink art wall

Starting from the top right corner, I got the “You & me” print from Walmart a few months ago. I love that specific shade of pink, so I had to use it here. At the top left corner is a gold foil print with one of my favorite quotes: “Always wear your invisible crown.”

always wear your invisible crown print

The easiest way to gold foil something is by using a laminator. First, print your image or quote with a laser printer, like I did. Then, take a piece of gold foil and cover whatever part of the image you would like. I covered just the word “crown.” Put a blank sheet of printer paper on top of your print and gold foil. Run the whole thing through the laminator twice. Finally, remove the excess gold and you will get a perfect gold foiled word or image.

The eyelashes motif has to be my favorite, so it’s only right to have it in my art wall as well. I first traced some eyelashes on a piece of paper and colored them with a black marker.

DIY eyelashes print

Then I used Mod Podge and extra fine glitter from Michaels to add some glitter eye shadow.

extra fine gold glitter

I placed my image in this pink IKEA photo frame.

IKEA pink picture frame

I’m loving this so much!

glitter eyelashes print DIY

The print at the bottom left side of the art wall is another easy DIY. I just used some decorative paper with pink and white stripes and added a glitter heart. My cricut maker made a perfect cut from glitter paper. I love the pink and white stripes, because they always remind me of Victoria’s Secret.

Last but not least, I also created the pink and gold abstract painting. As far as colors go, I used what I had on hand.

pink officepink abstract art

As a last step, I wanted to add some specks of gold to my painting to complete the whole look. I used gold foil and this Martha Stewart gilding adhesive.

Martha Stewart gilding adhesive

Here is how it turned out.

gold specks pink painting

I am so much in love with my new art wall! What do you think about it?




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