Quick, easy DIYs and more Fall decor

This week I’m sharing with you more of my kitchen decor and three quick DIYs.

I love when a simple and plain-looking object is transformed into a beautiful decor piece. For this first DIY, I was inspired by one amazing bloggerΒ who used a cutting board to decorate her kitchen. You can decorate your cutting board any way you want, but here is what I did.

For this DIY, you will need a wooden cutting board (preferably a smaller one with a hole), acrylic paint, a sharpie pen and any type of ribbon or twine.

wooden cutting board

First, I painted the cutting board light pink. I used the Princess Pink satin acrylic paint that I got from Walmart.

princess pink acrylic paint

Once the paint dried, I drew the lashes with a sharpie pen, and I added white ribbon. I just love how it turned out!

eyelashes pink cutting board

For this second quick DIY, I transformed a candle that I got from Target. How adorable is this coffee cup candle with a lid?

pumpkin caramel creme candle Target

I used some washi tape and a label to make the sleeve of the cup pink and gold.

pink coffee mug with lid candle Target

I added Rae Dunn Flame. matches from Home Goods to complete the look.

Rae Dunn flame matchespink matches flamebow cutting board pink

This last DIY is also very easy to do. All I did here is paint the two pumpkins pink and one stem gold. The stem of the bigger pumpkin was already pretty and glittery, so I didn’t want to alter it. The bigger pumpkin is from Target.

DIY pumpkins Target sparkly stemglitter stem pumpkin

I’m so happy with how the two pumpkins turned out.

pink sparkly pumpkin

pumpkin eyelashes

The gorgeous white pumpkin with the gold stem is from Target as well. I think it completes the look so nicely.

Target white gold pumpkin

I just love how it all came together.

mint green metal canisterspink Halloween decorgold stem pumpkin

What color are your pumpkins?

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