Fall is here!

When I was a student, I used to live for the summer and did not care much for other seasons. Now that I’m older and I have a child, I started to appreciate other seasons as well. My three year old boy is thrilled about Halloween, and I am beyond excited for fall this year. I just can’t get enough of all the beautiful pumpkin decorations out there! I started decorating for fall a little bit earlier than usual. This year, especially, I know I will be so sad to take all the fall decor down, because I’m so in love with how I set everything up. Let’s first start with the place that I like to decorate the most: my kitchen.

Next to my kitchen cabinets, I have two small shelves that I like to use as a hot cocoa/tea station. I constantly switch the decor around here, depending on the season or holiday (If you haven’t already, check out my Valentine’s Day set up and my spring set up.)

On the upper shelf I have gorgeous light pink canisters from Home Goods. I have been looking for these for over a year now. I mentioned the “Tea break” one few months ago (check it out here), but I finally got my hands on the “Sugar rush” canister as well. It’s hard to say what I like the most about these containers: the light pink color, the rose gold writing or the message.

tea break canister pink rose gold

sugar rush canister pink rose gold

Let’s talk about pumpkins now, more specifically the white ceramic ones from the Target Bullseye’s Playground. Target was selling them last year as well, but they were more yellowish in color. The ones available now are very white. The gold stem and the white pumpkin are so modern and beautiful and can go well anywhere, with any type of look. There are no words to describe how perfect these pumpkins are and how much I love them. I still can’t understand how they can only cost a dollar. Other colors are available in Target as well, including orange and green.

Target dollar pumpkins white gold

This pretty ceramic lidded pumpkin bowl is also from Target from last year. This year’s bowls are matte and have a different stem shape.

mini pumpkin candle holder pedestal bath bodyceramic lidded pumpkin bowl white gold

As far as the wall decor, I added two new pieces. The first is a wooden pumpkin with a gold border from theΒ Target Bullseye’s Playground. One can definitely do a DIY and decorate it somehow, but I just kept it plain for now.

wooden gold pumpkin Target

I bought the other pumpkin at Walmart. Although it was very cute originally, I did a quick DIY so it matched more with the rest of my decor.

distressed wooden pumpkin straw

The pumpkin has a distressed look, so I just added some gold acrylic paint. I also removed the straw bow and added a light pink, velvet ribbon.

velvet bow pumpkin

I’m so excited how it all came together!

coffee station tea hot cocoa pumpkin

Have you decorated your hot cocoa/tea/coffee station for fall yet?

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