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What a year this has been… When the lockdown first began back in March due to the pandemic, things started off really slow. Then, I gave birth to my sweet baby boy in May, and for me, time took off at an incredible speed. Here we are in October; my boy is 5 months old and it’s fall time. I didn’t even notice the summer as we chose not to go anywhere with a newborn and take the risk. As many others, I had so many plans for the summer that were put to the side and have felt uninspired at times… Now that the cozy season is here, I’m happy to take out my cute pumpkins and decorate my house again.

In this blog post, I’m sharing with you my current kitchen decor, starting with my hot cocoa station. You have probably already seen the majority of these things, but regardless, the setup is too cute not to share.

velvet pink pumpkin gold polka dots cupcake standface pot Hobby Lobby

I was searching forever for a pink velvet pumpkin and finally found one at Hobby Lobby. Not only were velvet pumpkins very expensive for the longest time, but pink velvet pumpkins were so hard to find. This pumpkin was only few dollars. Unfortunately, I found only one. I did a quick DIY with it and added some fine gold glitter on its stem with Mod Podge.

Hobby Lobby velvet pumpkin pink

I have seen this tiny face pot at Hobby Lobby for seven dollars, but I found this one at a Dollar Tree.

ceramic eyelashes Dollar Tree

This is the current look of the bottom shelf but I feel like it’s not yet complete.

ceramic pumpkin bowl Target

As far as my kitchen counters, here is how it all looks. I wanted to keep it simple with just white pumpkins and a touch of gold and pink.

retro canister mintblessed pumpkin Home Goodswhite gold pumpkins Targetthankful pumpkin TjMaxx

This ceramic pink pumpkin was from Home Goods from last year.

ceramic pink pumpkin Home Goods

I love my sparkly gold pumpkin.

gold glitter pumpkin

On the kitchen table, I added a pumpkin wire basket that I use for bread. I got it from Target few years ago.

pumpkin basketgold wire pumpkin Target

I hope you enjoyed this post. Stay safe!

pink gold kitchen



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