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This blog post is long overdue but it’s better late than never… Summer is close to being over but hopefully the nice weather isn’t. Honestly, I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet! Since my blog has mostly been about decorating and pretty things, I wanted to share with you few of my favorite boutiques that I visited a month ago while on vacation. These boutiques have the cutest, unusual decorations, and everywhere you look is eyecandy. Some items can be really pricey but you can get so many DIY ideas by just looking around.

If you are ever in Sarasota, Florida, besides visiting the most beautiful beaches in Siesta Key, make sure you also check out the Siesta Key Village. There you will find many restaurants, cafes and small shops. Besides the typical tourist/souvenir shops, you will see many boutiques with nautical motifs. They are usually turquoise and white in color and are filled with beautiful accessories with sea creatures such as starfish, seahorses and sea urchins. These shops are so pretty! Everything in there reminds me of summer and beautiful vacations somewhere by the sea or the ocean. If I had a house somewhere close to water I would definitely decorate it just like one of those shops.

St. Armand’s Key, an island in the Sarasota Bay, is by far the best place to visit if you happen to be in that area. More specifically, at the St. Armand’s circle, you will find plenty of restaurants, cafes, fudge/ice cream shops, clothing boutiques and accessories stores. I’m sharing here with you two of my favorites.

If you like decor, Garden Argosy is the store for you. There is something here for everyone. Almost every inch of this boutique is used up. That’s the first thing that one notices upon entering the store. Pictures and paintings cover the walls, while wind chimes and fancy glass decor hang from the ceiling. You don’t know where to look! (This is not related to the topic, but I have to say it: few steps from the store is the best Italian ice cream in town, Settimi’s!)

Garden Argosy Italian gelatochime artsy store

What I love in this store is all the maritime decor including the turquoise/gray pillows and signs with beach quotes on them.

summer pillows quotesbeach decor octopus

The kid’s corner of the store is the most adorable. Majority of baby/toddler clothing has sea/ocean motifs such as mermaids and, once again, everywhere are cool quotes about the beach. All the toys are very unusual, high quality but a little bit pricey as well.

mermaid shirt babygold tulle dress girls

But even if you don’t buy anything here, there are so many decor ideas that you can pick up by just looking around. For example, how cute are seashell ornaments? This white sparkly starfish ornament would be so easy to recreate. How gorgeous is the ice cream ornament made up of sea urchins? I love how the tiny beads are used to represent sprinkles.

starfish ice cream ornament

Fanta Sea is my other favorite shop. It’s a beautiful boutique with more of a sleek, modern look. Everything in there is predominately white and there are a ton of seashells. You totally get summer/vacation vibes from this store and I just love that.

pink beach ball fanta seasand dollar decor seashellsseashell chest decor

Here are few more interesting details that I saw along the way… Who wants to own this pink deer?!

pink deer

Check out this fancy skull. I love the white, glittery antlers and the beaded eyes.

sparkly skull glitter

If you are ever in the Sarasota area and like to shop for unusual, pretty things, check out for sure these places! Enjoy!

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