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This week’s blog post is little bit different from my other ones. Since in the past few weeks I found such cute things while shopping, I decided to do a haul/”things that I’ve been loving” post. I also got few gifts for Mother’s Day that I wanted to share with you.

My most favorite item is a Betsey Johnson purse that I got from my husband for Mother’s Day. When it comes to beautiful purses and bags, I always look for Betsey Johnson ones at Ross, because I find them at an amazing, unbeatable price there. This light pink bag (from Ross) is absolutely gorgeous inside and out. It’s decorated with little, white bows on the outside, while the inside has pink stripes and black hearts and stars. The shape of the bag is unique as well.

white bow purseBetsey Johnson pink bow bagBetsey pink hearts purse

Another adorable gift that I got from my husband are these puppy slippers. I love the little details including the sparkly nose and the light pink and white stripes on the sides of the slippers that remind me of Victoria’s Secret logo.

doggy slippers sparklypuppy slippers

This light pink bar bell that I got from my mom for Mother’s Day is so cute. It says kiss please on it. I love little gifts like this!

kiss please bar bell

I found this next item in the Mother’s Day gifts section at Ross. I bought one for my mom and one for myself. I love the big size of the makeup bag as well as its pink color and the glittery gold writing on it. I keep this on my office desk with few of my favorite pens/pencils in it.

light pink makeup bag best mom ever

Another item that I found at Ross are these acrylic drawers. Nowadays, anything that’s acrylic is very popular, from containers to desks and chairs, and that can be very expensive. This was such a good price that I had to get it. I think the label said that this is for makeup or jewelry, but I’m using it for some of my favorite stationery.

acrylic 6 drawers organizer

One last thing from Ross that I recently got is this pink swan. I love swans, and these days they are gaining popularity. It’s no wonder why as they are so pretty just like unicorns. I keep this swan in my kitchen and am thinking about what to use it for. I think it’s meant to be a planter.

pink gold swanceramic swan Ross

If you read my other posts, you know I love everything with Parisian motifs (check out my Parisian inspired kitchen here), so when I saw this small case, I fell in love with it right away. This is actually a very practical thing, besides being cute, off course! This is meant to hold your usb/cables/earphones. I’m keeping it on my desk for now, and I use it to hold all of my post-its and page flags for a quick access. This was from Burlington.

Paris Eiffel Tower earphone casepink earphones case

Another Parisian item that I got from Burlington is this Eiffel Tower bath bomb. How cute is this? It goes so well with my Parisian inspired bathroom.

Eiffel Tower bath bomb

Last but not least, I have been loving these knot pillows recently, because they are so unique and interesting looking. I thought that they are pretty expensive, but I found this one online at Walmart for only 12$. The light pink color is so gorgeous and the texture of the pillow is so soft.

knot pillowlight pink knot pillow

I hope you enjoyed this haul post!

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