I love Paris in the spring time…

I love Paris every momentย (as Frank Sinatra used to sing) and because of that, my house is filled with Parisian motifs. I have so many Eiffel Towers around my house that I lost count! Since I just recently put my Easter decor and bunnies away, I wanted to change some things in my kitchen and decorate it with a Parisian theme. I added few details including: sweet macarons and cupcakes; cute kitchen towels; and I updated the hot cocoa/tea station. Voilร !

These macarons are my most amazing finds recently because each cost only a dollar (from the Dollar Tree)! Just look at those gorgeous pastel colors!

pastels macaronspastel macaron trinket box

This cutest cupcake soap dispenser is from Burlington. I use it for dish detergent.

cupcake soap dispenserblue cupcake lotion dispenser

These salt and pepper shakers from Hobby Lobby are just so adorable and the colors, pastel once again, are so pretty!

pastel Eiffel Tower salt and pepper shakerParis salt and pepper shakersParisian pink kitchen

These kitchen hand towels from Home Goods are a perfect addition to my pink Parisian kitchen!

pink kitchen towelsParis kitchen towelEiffel Tower towels

I had these Eiffel Tower mini grip pot holders for a while now, but they always go so well in my kitchen. They were from Sur La Table.

Eiffel Tower kitchen mittens

Now for my hot cocoa/tea station. I changed just a few things to add more Parisian motifs (here is how it looked like before). I had to put on display this amazing pink teapot (Home Goods) in the shape of Eiffel Tower that transforms into a cup and a teapot. How cool is that?

Parisian teapotpink Eiffel Tower teapot

I have been on the lookout for this canister for such a long time, and I finally found it few days ago at Home Goods.

pink rose gold tea break container

I also switched around some items and added few more things here, including new gold polka-dot mugs. Here is how everything looks like now.

tea break canister hot cocoa stationtea station Parisiangold polka dot mugscupcake salt pepper shakers

Finally, this sweets tray matches nicely with the Parisian themed kitchen, and those eyelashes on the mug, I love it!

eyelash mug

How is your kitchen looking like these days?

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