A Parisian inspired bathroom

When my husband and I first moved into our home ten years ago, we renovated our whole master bathroom. We both wanted a sophisticated and modern look, so we chose everything black and white. The IKEA sink, as well as the little shelf unit next to it, are both white, while the floor and wall tiles are black. I also wanted a Paris inspired bathroom, so I added few modern Parisian motifs. Finally over time, I added a touch of pink here and there so not everything is plain black and white. Here is how it all came together!

IKEA bathroom Paris inspiredblack and white bathroom IKEA

I think the black and white shower curtain with the Eiffel Tower (from Target) goes so well with the small black tiles, and it ties the whole look of the bathroom together. I chose to hang these brown prints of Paris because they compliment the light brown walls. There are few more brown/golden details in the bathroom, including the decor on and above the toilet bowl.

Paris shower curtain Target

This Good Morning Gorgeous canvas with the gold letters and the beautiful background pattern goes nicely together with the brown soap and theΒ Paris Noir fragrance box (from Pier One) that has a pretty white pattern as well.

Eiffel Tower soapgood morning gorgeous printbathroom fragrance Pier One Paris noir

And now the pink details! When I think of Paris, I think of macarons and pastries, so I created a little dessert stand right in the bathroom. The two cupcake stands and the Paris glass container are all from Home Goods. I filled them with bath bombs and lip glosses in the shape of macarons and cupcakes.

Parisian bathroom Paris printscupcake macaroon bath bombs Eiffel Towercupcake stand Eiffel Tower Parismacaroon bath bombs

The decorations on the IKEA shelf unit next to the sink are my favorite! I wanted to find a cute way to display bath salts, so I found a pretty glass container that I decorated with a black bow. I also added some soap orchids inside, and I’m loving the result. If you like taking baths, try Dr Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt with Milk & Honey because it smells amazing!

Epsom saltorchid soappink orchids soap

This gorgeous soap dispenser (I keep hand lotion in there) is from Hobby Lobby, while the tray is from Francesca’s.

sparkle pink tray eyelashes

I keep q-tips in this pink ceramic container with the gold heart. Target had these in the Bullseye’s Playground section both this and last year for Valentine’s Day.

eyelashes soap dispenser pink

I had to display this beautiful hand towel by Betsey Johnson from Burlington, while we use the bigger towel for drying hands. Both Burlington and Ross have the cutest, inexpensive Betsey Johnson towels.

eyelashes towel Betsey JohnsonBetsey Johnson towel eyelashes

The white swan is my absolute favorite decor piece in the whole bathroom. I keep in it my precious slmissglam brushes. If you haven’t checked out this girl’s youtube channel, you are missing out on a pastel heaven!

she leaves a little sparkle everywhere she goes trayslmissglam pink polka dots trayslmissglam brushes swan unicorn

Last but not least, I had to run to Target and buy one more eyelash girl pencil holder. I use it to hold toothbrushes (the other one I use in my office for pencils actually!).

toothbrush holder eyelashes

I hope you enjoyed this Parisian inspired bathroom and you found some inspiration here!


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