Updated office desk and a quick DIY

If you ask me I like all shades of pink, but my favorite kind has to be light or baby pink, and when it’s combined with white or gold, it looks absolutely amazing! I wanted to redecorate my office desk area with that idea in mind and make it look more uniform with the dominant color being light pink. While I was at it, I did a quick DIY project as well.

Few months ago, I believe this was for Valentine’s Day holiday, Target was selling this simple wooden mirror tray with gold handles for only five dollars. This was very cute in itself, but I knew I wanted to modernize it a little bit, and I finally got around to doing it. I first took off the handles and spray painted the outside of the tray white. Then I painted the inside of the tray with pink acrylic paint. Lastly, I used Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Metallic Acrylic Craft Paint in gold to paint the rim of the tray. Here is how it turned out.

pink gold tray

I placed the tray on my IKEA ALEX drawer unit with few decor pieces on it: a white unicorn candle from Home Goods; a ceramic pencil holder cup that holds fake flowers; and a gold Dachshund tape dispenser (the last two items are both from Target). I’m loving the result! I also added few more details on top of the drawer unit including a clear glass mug that I filled with paper confetti and some of my favorite Essie nail polishes.

unicorn candleeyelashes makeup brushes holdergold tape dispensernail polish organizer essie

Few weeks ago, I came across this acrylic six-drawer cosmetics organizer at Ross that was great both in quality and price, so I decided to buy it (I mentioned this in last week’s post). I’m using it on my desk to hold and display my favorite pink and gold stationery. Right next to the organizer is a pink metal lantern from IKEA that I filled with few cute unicorn lip glosses. Next to the lantern is a white tray with few more pretty pink details.

acrylic 6 drawers organizeracrylic cosmetic organizer 6 drawersgirly office mermaid unicorn

I really love the new look of my desk (this is the before look of the desk)! Now my desk has more of a clean, uniform look than before. What do you think?

My Baby Wolfie Kiss

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