Pastel teacups and bow jars…

I love redecorating my hot cocoa/tea station as seasons and holidays change. I’m super excited to share with you the updated station with my favorite finds from a recent trip to Serbia.

pastel kitchenbrown pink modern kitchenheart clock

My first find was a set of two ceramic canisters with a bow. I’m not sure what the name of the brand is, but I’ve seen these jars in many home decor stores across the city (Belgrade). I fell in love with the cute bows right away and knew I had to have these.

Next to the jars is my eyelashes mug (from Hobby Lobby) that I used many previous times as a decor piece (check out my Valentine’s Day decor in my kitchen). I put in it some pastel spoons that I got at the Target Bullseye’s section during the summer.

sugar jar bow

I also thought it would be cute to add to the shelf some of my pink felt pumpkins.

felt pumpkin diy

Hanging next to the shelf is a “hot cocoa” pumpkin sign that I recently DIYed.

target spoons pink pumpkin

Now on to the bottom shelf and my all time favorite find from Serbia: teacups (I believe the brand is called Fina Kuca). I have never seen such beautiful teacups! The photos don’t do them justice. They are so elegant with their shape and the golden rim, and they come in a variety of gorgeous pastel colors. Inside each cup is a crown symbol. They do look like teacups made for royalty!

fina kuca solja teacup

pastel teacup

I keep these cups as my most prized possessions because I only bought two. First, because I could not carry that many fragile things in my suitcases and because these teacups are very expensive for some reason over there. You can find them all over Serbia, in any home decor store. However, for some strange reason, the prices varied greatly from store to store. The price was also different, depending on the color of the teacup. That was the strangest thing ever! I’ve seen these range from 8 dollars to over 20 dollars each! If you are in Belgrade on a hunt for these, the cheapest place to find them at is in Zemun.

diy felt pumpkin tea

I can’t wait to drink hot cocoa out of these cups!

bow jar canister

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