Pretty little Christmas…

Christmas is here in just a few days! Eek! Everything is truly magical in December, and I love decorating this time of the year. Here I’m sharing with you some of my favorite holiday decor.

I’m starting of with my favorite part: the hot cocoa station.

hot cocoa Christmas station

As you can see, if you read my previous post about my fall hot cocoa station, I kept my pastel teacups and the ceramic bow jars on the shelves. They are just too pretty to use for only one season! What I did add was few Christmas/holiday decor pieces.

fina kuca teacups

On the top shelf, I have a beautiful, sparkly, teal tree and the cutest, pastel wooden house (both from Target). On the other side of the shelf is the most adorable snowman that I got many years ago from a boutique here in Chicago. If you are on a hunt for a fluffy snowman as this one, check out Burlington, as I have recently seen something similar there.

pastel teacups

On the bottom shelf, I just added my Target birdie that I got few years ago. Target comes up with different bird designs every year, and they are all so adorable!

Target bird white

I thought it was only appropriate to hang this pink hot cocoa cup ornament, that I also got from Target, next to my hot cocoa station.

pink coffee cup ornament Target

I love how everything looks now!

teal Christmas treepink Christmas kitchen

On to my kitchen counter, I added just few statement pieces. The two sparkly trees, the golden nutcrackers and the pink birdie are all from Target.

gold nutcrackersparkly pink tree

This year I added another decoration to my Christmas collection: the cutest, pink squirrel (from Home Goods). It has the softest fur and it’s even sparkly in few places!

pink squirrel Christmas

Which decoration is your favorite?


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