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Thanksgiving is not over yet, but everyone is already talking about Christmas. All across social media, people are taking down their pumpkin decor and replacing it with Christmas trees. This makes me a little bit sad, because I really enjoyed my Target pumpkins this year, as you already know from my previous blog posts. But, I do have to admit that after my recent visit to Target, I too became so excited for Christmas. The ornaments this year are, more than ever, gorgeous! So, what did I do? I took all of my pumpkins decorΒ down and put it away in a box for next year. However, before I completely said goodbye to my fall decor, I just had to do one last DIY that I have been so wanting to do: felt pumpkins. These would look so cute for a Thanksgiving table setting!

I already mentioned few weeks ago that I was on the lookout for pink velvet pumpkins but was not able to find them anywhere in stores, so I wanted to make these felt ones instead.

For this DIY, you will need: felt, fuzzy sticks, fiberfill stuffing, needle and thread, and a glue gun.

First, start by drawing a circle on the felt with a pencil and cut the circle out. You can trace a bowl or a plate in order to get a perfect circle.

pink feltbowls pink sprinkles pencilcircles felt

Then, sew all around the circle like this:

stitches for circle

Once you come to the end of the circle, start pulling the thread until you make a little ball.

felt ball

Next, fill it up with fiberfill stuffing and sew the hole shut.

how to make felt ball

Now it’s time to decorate the pumpkin with leaves and a stem. You can use a glue gun to do that.

fuzzy sticks

First, glue a fuzzy stick on to the pumpkin.

pink fuzzy stick

Then, add leaves.

gray felt leaves

Last but not least, glue a stem. A stem can be made by cutting a long piece of felt and just rolling it into a cigar shape. There are other ways to make a stem, but I chose this easy way.

pumpkin stem

The last step is to curl the fuzzy stick on both sides.

gray felt pumpkinvelvet pumpkin

pink felt pumpkin

I think these pumpkins turned out so cute! The ones I made are pretty small, so if you want to make bigger ones, you need to cut out bigger circles in the first step. These little ones would be so cute as table decor or place card holders during a Thanksgiving dinner.

DIY pumpkinspink pumpkin decorationthanksgiving decoration pumpkins

What about you? Do you still have your fall decor out or are you already in Christmas mode?

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