New bathroom storage bins and so much more…

It’s been a long time since I redecorated around my house. Now that the summer fun is close to an end, there will be more time to spend at home and therefore, more time for redecorating and DIYs. In this post, I would like to share some of the changes I have made in my Parisian-inspired master bathroom.

For the longest time now, I have been searching for some cute storage bins that can fit in my narrow IKEA shelf unit, right next to the double sink. I thought the shelf would look better with some nice containers that would hide toiletries (on the upper shelf) and towels (on the bottom). Finally, I found the perfect pink ones from Burlington.

bathroom IKEA hack

These fabric storage bins are light pink color with white handles. They come in three different sizes, but I only bought two. I love how on the biggest bin it says “relax,” while on the smaller one it says “bath.” I didn’t buy the smallest “spa” bin, since I didn’t think I needed it.

pink relax storage binbath storage binbathroom storage bin pink

The “relax” storage bin fits perfectly on the bottom shelf and holds towels, while the “bath” bin holds my most frequently used toiletries. I think this shelf unit looks so much better now.

IKEA cube bathroom

While I was at it, I also redecorated the top of the shelf unit. The first decor piece that I put was a heart-shaped mini cupcake stand.

heart single cupcake stand

It looks even more adorable holding a cupcake bath bomb. Next to the cupcake stand, I kept my favorite pink ceramic container with the gold heart on top (from Target’s Bullseye’s Playground during Valentine’s Day) that holds q-tips.

mini heart cupcake stand

Next, I added one more heart motif, a heart-shaped trinket dish, that will probably hold hand lotion.

love trinket dish

Last but not least, I added another one of my favorite trinket dishes (from Hobby Lobby) for my jewelry. I just love those eyelashes on it.

eyelashes trinket dish

Here is the current look of this shelf unit: beautiful and simple heart details with subtle pinks and gold.

bathroom organisation bins

I switched up the decor on the glass shelf as well. The gorgeous eyelashes jewelry dish inspired me to bring out my favorite eyelashes canister. I mentioned it before in one of my kitchen organisation posts. Inside it, I keep Epsom salt.

Parisian bathroom

Next to the canister is a pretty pink decor piece: unicorn bath powder.

unicorn bath powder

Giving the final touches to my Parisian-inspired bathroom are the gold perfume bottle and the pink macaron lip balm.

eyelashes container

I’m really loving how everything came together!

heart bathroom

Have you done some redecorating lately?

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