Spring is around the corner…time to redecorate!

Springtime is just around the corner! Well, maybe in some parts of the world, that is… And with it comes the time to clean, reorganize, and redecorate.

I was never a huge fan of wreaths before, but Target convinced me otherwise, because that’s what Target does: it tells you what to buy instead of  you deciding on your own what you need to buy! Especially last year for Christmas, Target had some amazing decorations, including beautiful wreaths. I bought this grapevine wreath right after Christmas, and I got it for such a great price.

gold glitter silver wreath

The wreath itself is simple and plain but so elegant and pretty. The silver and gray branches have specks of gold on them, and the whole wreath can light up. These photographs don’t do it any justice as this wreath is gorgeous in real life, especially when it’s lit up. I enjoyed this decoration so much during the winter holidays that I came up with an idea to reuse it as my spring decor. Because why should I only enjoy it once a year if it’s so pretty?

grapevine wreathlights silver wreath

This is a very simple DIY. First, you need to get some fake flowers. The best place to find them at a great price is a dollar store. I bought my flowers at the Dollar Tree.

gold scissors Target DIY wreathfake purple flowersfake white flowers

I was mainly looking for pastel flowers, but I came across these cute pastel butterflies as well.

pink butterfliesaqua butterfliesblue butterfly

These foam flowers were from the Target bullseye’s playground.

foam flowers

Once you find your flowers, just cut the stems of the flowers to how long you need them to be. Then start arranging the flowers around the wreath. This is how my wreath turned out!

pastel flower wreath

I wanted to keep the design simple, just like the wreath itself, so I didn’t put the flowers all around it. I think the butterflies add a really nice touch to the whole wreath.

spring wreathpink foam flowers butterfliesflowers butterfliespastel flowers

I love how everything turned out!

Easter wreathChristmas wreathTarget wreath

Have you ever reused your Christmas decor as your spring decor? Use your imagination!


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