Valentine’s Day theme for hot cocoa/tea station

I really like the idea of having a coffee/tea/hot cocoa station, especially during the cold winter months. I often switch up the decor of my station depending on the holiday or season. During summertime, it’s also fun to make this into an ice cream/candy/cookie station. I wanted to share with you my current “Valentine’s Day” set up, which I think I’m going to keep for a while.

heart clock pinkcoffee mugs pastels pink

First, I started off by choosing cute mugs and containers. I find that Home Goods/TJ Maxx/Marshals and Target have the best selection. All four of my stackable mugs are from Target, while the containers are from Home Goods/TJ Maxx/Marshalls. I got the little, ceramic cupcake that holds sugar as a gift few years ago, but it can still be found for purchase online.

stackable mugs Targettea container rose gold whitenumbered glass jars Home Goods containerscupcake sugar bowl container

Once I arranged everything on the shelves, I added some wall decor as quote wooden decorwooden heart decor gold foil Target

And there you go! I love looking at this every time I enter my kitchen!

cocoa station tea coffee pastelscocoa container Raffaelowifey hubby mugs diamond measuring spoons

If you’re a coffee/tea/hot cocoa lover, definitely make your mornings and evenings more pleasant and fun with a cute setup such as mine.

Happy Valentine’s Day and stay warm (those of you who are freezing this winter season, that is!).

heart mug gold foil pastels

P.S. And yes, my all time favorite mug with gold foil and pastel hearts is from Home Goods!




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