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I always look for ways to better organize things around the house, especially in places where I spend a lot of time, such as the kitchen. Since I constantly cook for my family, I like my kitchen pantry to be well organized; having easy access to all the food is a must on my list. I love the idea of having similar-looking containers/jars/canisters with labels for all staple foods like you see on Pinterest, but I personally find that that doesn’t work well for me; I don’t like to purchase/keep large quantities of food, because I don’t use them quick enough before their expiration date, so I’m not in need of such large containers. What I use instead are storage bins: one for all of my baking materials such as sugar and chocolate, and the other for cooking staples such as pasta and rice. I purchased a while ago few wire bins from the Target dollar section. They were great for some time, but I found that I needed bigger bins, so I was on the lookout for them for a while now. Finally, few weeks ago when I was in Ross, I came across the most gorgeous plastic bins for only few dollars (I believe they were 2.99$ each, if I remember correctly)!

pink storage bin Eiffel TowerParis storage binmint storage binbow storage bin patisserie

These storage bins are the most beautiful pastel pink and pastel mint colors, and they have Paris motifs and writing in French on them. They are perfect for me because my kitchen is predominantly pink with few minty details. I’m still deciding on what to do with the pink bins, but I used the mint ones to reorganize a part of my pantry, and I’m loving the result. Everything fits perfectly, and I have easy access to everything.


pantry spices


kitchen storagekitchen organization

While I’m talking about my kitchen, I wanted to share with you few more details about it. I like to keep my kitchen counters clutter-free with just the essentials. Since I bake often, I like to keep my flour and sugar close by, on the counter, while the rest of the baking supplies are in the new Ross bin that I mentioned. I tried many canisters before for flour and sugar and these current ones from Pier One are definitely the best, because they are pretty big, can hold a lot, and can be easily cleaned. The mint color is very pretty as well.

Kitchenaid Cuisinart pinkPier one mint canisterflour sugar coffee vintage

In my bakers gonna bake container from Home Goods, I keep powdered sugar. Containers such as these with gold foil are very popular these days, and it’s no wonder why; they are gorgeous! I have a lot of glass containers/apothecary jars that I love to display and use as decor pieces, like this one that holds small pasta (another staple that I often use, when making a soup).

bakers gonna bake containerpasta glass container

Finally, I think I should also mention how I keep my spices organized. I like to switch around my salt and pepper shakers, depending on the season or holiday. Right now I’m using my Valentine’s Day owls that I usually keep close to the stove, next to the oil. The rest of the spices, I keep in the pantry next to the Ross bins, as you saw in the past previous photos. All the spices stand on the InterDesign 3-Tier Cabinet Organizer from Walmart, which I love because of its tiers.

owls salt and pepper heartsolive oil stove

I hope you find some inspiration here on how to organize your staple foods. Basically, the way I’m organized is I like to keep the staples that I reach for the most close by and in the open, while I keep other things in the pantry.

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