DIY Easter bunny wreath

Doing crafts and DIYs makes me really happy. I just wish I had more time for that. Here is my recent DIY that is so cute for Easter: a pastel, pom pom wreath with bunny ears.

First, you need to decide what base to use for your wreath. The possibilities are endless and include materials such as wire, cardboard, foam. I decided to use felt. Other materials that I used for this project besides felt are: fiberfill polyester filling, yarn, glue gun, needle and thread.

pastel yarn Michaels

I made the base of the wreath first by cutting an oval shape that I filled with polyester filling and sewed it.

cricut felt pink

pink felt wreath

Easter gnome pastel

By the way, this adorable gnome with bunny ears is from Home Goods.

Next, I made pom poms from this beautiful, pastel yarn. There are so many tutorials online on how to make these. My little pom poms were made by wrapping yarn around three fingers about forty times.

pastel pom poms

I then glued the pom poms on the felt wreath with a glue gun.

spring pom pom wreath

bunny gnome Easter

Last but not least, I made bunny ears from felt.

felt bunny ears diy

Instead of gluing the ears on the wreath, I used velcro to attach them because then I can reuse this wreath for other holidays besides Easter.

rabbit ears felt diy

I am so much in love with this creation that’s screaming pastels!

bow pillow stripes

Stay safe during these hard times and do something that makes you happy!

Easter wreath bunny ears

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