Felt quiet books for kids

Few years ago as I was looking online for some ideas, I accidentally came across a video about a quiet book. I had no idea what a quiet book was, but as soon as I found out, I absolutely loved the idea. A quiet book is basically a book made of fabric/felt that is filled with many activities for kids. You can take things apart and put them together, and it’s so much fun, but most importantly, it’s a wonderful learning tool. Right then and there, I knew I wanted to make something like that for my baby boy. I didn’t really want to make him just another quiet book, but rather I wanted to make something more special. I thought about what would be an alternative to a girl’s doll house that I can make for my boy. So I came up with the idea of a hedgehog family that lives inside a tree, and I made a quiet book house. Here is how it looks.

The cute hedgehog family of five (mommy, daddy, 2 baby boys and a baby girl) lives inside a cherry tree with a little swing for the kids right outside.

pink mommy hedgehogfelt daddy hedgehog bluepink hedgehog feltdoll house quiet felt book

hedgehog tree quiet book

Inside the book, on the first page is their bedroom and on the second the bathroom.

felt doll bedroom bedfelt miniature bathroom

All the little details in the bathroom (soap, toothbrush, towel, ect), as well as everything else in the book, can be removed and played with.

bathroom details felt doll housefelt baby hedgehog

On the next two pages are: kitchen and laundry room.

quiet book feltfelt kitchen dollsfelt cake cupcakeminiature dining table felt doll housefelt doll laundry roomfelt washing machine

On the last page, I envisioned a picnic scene for the hedgehog family, complete with a picnic blanket, a pond with fishes for fishing, and a forest for taking a walk.

picnik felt dollsquiet book hedgehogs

My boy loves his hedgehog house felt book so much,Β  that I decided to also make him an ice cream truck.

felt ice cream truckfelt ice cream shop bakery

With so much technology and gadgets today, I think that a quiet book is a great alternative for kids and such a cool toy to have. It sparks creativity, imagination, and it’s a great learning tool. I noticed too that felt toys are becoming very popular these days; I’ve seen a ton of them at Target and I’m loving that.

I’m so much into felt these days, that I recently started to make my own products. I’m selling them on etsy, so if you are curious, please check them out. As of right now, my store is a work-in-progress. I started out last year with selling prints, but life got in the way and I didn’t have too much time to dedicate to that. In the meantime, my interests have changed, and now I really want to concentrate on making kids’ toys and nursery/room decorations. More is to come from me soon, so stay tuned!

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