A place where new ideas are born: my office

In this post I want to share with you my little office corner, a place that’s filled with a lot of eye candy.  This is where I brainstorm, get crafty, and work on the computer. I can’t stand a messy work area, and I work best when my desk is clean and well organized. I love to switch around and often change the decorations on my desk as they give me the most inspiration.

My office corner is predominantly made up of IKEA furniture. On the left side is the IKEA ALEX drawer unit with 9 drawers where I keep all of my crafts/office supplies and stationeries. Right next to this is a DIY IKEA desk. There are so many choices at IKEA as far as how you want your desk to be. You can choose a table top and have it sit either on legs or drawer units; the possibilities are endless. Since I wanted to have more storage space, on the left side, below my table top is a cabinet with 2 compartments (I can’t find the exact one online so it’s possible that this specific one has been discontinued) with KALLAX insert with 2 drawers at the top and KALLAX insert with door at the bottom.

IKEA ALEX drawer unit officegirly pink office IKEA

Next to the window, right behind my chair, is a pink IKEA cube which has been discontinued from the store as well. On it is a Kate Spade box from Home Goods with all of my stickers. I keep my stamps in the Lovely Things box (also from Home Goods). Right below I have all of my felt/sewing materials. The gorgeous pink and mint polka dot boxes are also from Home Goods.

IKEA pink cube

The adorable ceramic dachshund dog is from Home Goods (I added the black bow), while the mini glitter lava lamp is from the Target Bullseye’s Playground.

Kate Spade box dachshund ceramic

On the top of the IKEA ALEX drawer unit are coffee table books, including 2 books about Sex and the City movies and All in Good Taste by Kate Spade.

DIY acrylic boxKate Spade bow paper clips feather pentray pink coffee table books flowersAll in good taste book Kate Spade

This acrylic display case is a DIY that I did a while ago. I like to constantly change what I display in it. Here is my current set up.

eyelashes trinket dish unicorn lipgloss donut erasers

And now to my desk… I keep all of my planners to the left in a mint wire magazine holder from the Target Bullseye’s Playground. Right next to it are two acrylic drawers where I keep all of my post-its. Above this is a pink 2-drawers unit with some sewing supplies. Next to this is a 3-tier pink metal nail polish rack from Home Goods.

house cork memo board Forever 21

This cute unicorn and mermaid card is from the beautiful slmissglam. If you haven’t yet, check out her youtube channel; she has amazing style and a gorgeous line of makeup brushes!

unicorn figurine Target slmissglam

These cute ice cream and candy pens are all, once again, from the Target Bullseye’s Playground. If you can’t tell by now, that’s my all-time favorite place to shop for stationeries.

ice cream pen Tiffany blue box Eiffel Tower eraser

I recently got this cute cork memo board in the shape of a house from Forever 21. I have yet to use it and decorate it with cute pictures.

planner post its organizer

The light-up unicorn and elephant PocketBac sanitizer holders are both from Bath & Body Works.

unicorn tape dispenser

I love this ceramic pencil holder cup from Target by Threshold. A majority of these pens and pencils are from the Bullseye’s Playground. This cute unicorn candle is from Home Goods.

unicorn candle Target eyelash girl

Last but not least, this pretty donut mousepad is from Home Goods.

donut mousepad

Even if you work at a company’s office, but especially from home, you should decorate your desk area and make it to your liking because we spend a lot of our time working or in front of the computer. Why not make work more interesting and your environment more inspiring with pretty details?

On a different note, how many unicorns can you spot on my desk?

My Baby Wolfie Kiss

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