Flowers and Easter bunnies…

I can’t believe that Easter is almost here! As I was thinking about how to decorate for this holiday, I finally decided to do another spring/Easter DIY decor that I wanted to do for the longest time but never found the time to actually do it. Ever since I first saw a picture online of those famous, gorgeous flowers in a box (such as Maison des fleurs), I have been loving the idea. Whoever came up with the idea of preserving roses in a box is a genius! I can’t get over how pretty that looks, but it can also be so expensive. So, I decided to create my own.

There is really nothing hard about this DIY. You just need: a pretty box (I got mine at Target), fake flowers and some floral foam (check out a local dollar store for both).

Target gift boxflowers boxfloral foam

All you need to do is place the foam in the box. Then cut all the stems of the fake flowers the same length. Stick the flowers in the foam and arrange them so that they all go in the same upper direction, covering all of the foam. And you’re done!

gold foil box foammaison des fleurs DIYpink flowers gold boxfake pink flowers

You can also add a logo on the box (for example, Maison des fleurs) or add stickers. I love how my flower box turned out and will be using it as a decor even after Easter.

DIY flower box

When it comes to holidays, I love to decorate. However, I don’t have too much storage space for decorations, and I learned over the years that sometimes “less is more.” What I like to do for every holiday is choose an area (or few) in the house and decorate it with just few details. If you have less decorations, you don’t have to spend hours and hours putting them up and then down again, because that takes the pleasure out of everything. Let’s be honest, time flies so fast (especially after you have kids), and by the time you decorate everything with the million things that you own, the holiday will be over before you know it, and it will be time to put everything back in the boxes and up in the attic. So nowadays, I choose not to waste time like that and just try to keep my holiday decorations to a minimum; if I like something in a store, I think twice before buying it (well, that doesn’t always work when I go to Target or Home Goods!). During these busy days, I like to decorate my kitchen counter the most, since I spend a lot of time there. That way I can enjoy the decorations the most. Here are few Easter decorations and ideas that I put together this year.

Easter decorationskitchen Easter decorpink spring decorationsTarget Home Goods bunnies

I love these bunnies with gold foil ears and I got them all at Target.

Target ceramic bunnies gold

This polka dot vase is from Home Goods. I filled it with someΒ paper confetti from Hobby Lobby and added plastic eggs from Target.

gold polka dot vasegrass confettipastel eggs gold foilEaster decor with eggsplastic pastels eggspastel eggs

This decorating was effortless and I love the look of it! And those bunnies…ah, they are just too cute!

My Baby Wolfie Kiss

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