All the pretty nutcrackers…

This time of the year is truly magical and so are the nutcrackers. I always found them to be unique and interesting, but I never really purchased any because they don’t really go with my decor. That all changed last Christmas because of Target. Last year, Target was selling the most beautiful nutcrackers in minty/teal color. However, I wasn’t quick enough, and they were all sold out. That was the biggest regret ever! I was able to snatch the pink one, though! In this blog post, I’ll share with you some of my top favorite nutcrackers and where you can purchase them.

The number one on the list for me is the Target pink nutcracker that I got last Christmas on sale. The good news is that a similar one is available this year as well. I think the major difference between this and last year’s is what the nutcracker is holding.

pink nutcracker

The shade of pink on this nutcracker is so gorgeous and perfect, and even better, its whole outfit is covered in glitter.

Target pink nutcracker

My next favorite nutcracker is this white one that I got at the same time as the pink one. This one is also very glittery, and I love the furry, white hat. It’s also currently available at Target with slight variations.

white nutcrackerTarget white nutcracker

This year, Target is selling tiny gold nutcrackers at the Bullseye’s Playground. Even though they are only 3 dollars, their quality is really nice.

sparkly gold nutcrackergold nutcracker Target dollar spot

I’m not sure if there are other colors available, as I have only seen the ones in gold. What I love about these nutcrackers is their tiny size. Target is also selling ornament nutcrackers like this as well.

mini Target gold nutcracker

In one of the “shop with me”ย videosย ย of a great youtuber that I follow, I saw similar small nutcrackers in a 99 cent store. They were all different colors, and I was most curious about the pink ones, of course. Unfortunately, where I live, the 99 cent store doesn’t exist, so I asked my aunt from Arizona to buy them for me. In the end, she couldn’t find the pink ones, so she got me two silver ones. These nutcrackers were 1.99$ each. Their quality is not as good as the Target ones, but they are no less adorable.

silver nutcracker dollar store

These are all the nutcrackers that I have. Now I want to mention few more that I would love to have.

The first one on my wish list is the Target minty/teal nutcracker from last year. I have never seen it actually in real life, but looking at the picture and knowing how gorgeous the Target pink nutcracker is, I’m sure it would look unbelievably beautiful! Unfortunately, it seems like Target is not selling them this year.

The second one on my list is the Pink Sequined nutcracker from Pier One (my mom is getting me this for Christmas, and I’m so excited about it).

And finally, my third favorite nutcracker, that is currently unavailable for purchase, is the Holiday Lane Sugarplum Soldier nutcracker from Macy’s.

Pier One Macy's Target pastel nutcrackers

If you like soft, pastel colors like me, these nutcrackers are for you! Which ones are your favorite?





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