DIY: crystal embellished jeans

One of my favorite trends these days are jeans embellished with jewels, gemstones, beads or pearls. Few days ago, I came across an amazing deal at Macy’s that I could not pass. I found on clearance these gray Levi’s jeans that were originally 55 dollars. I only paid 9 dollars for them! What I like about them the most is the bottom that has bleached, white dots and also few casual, black fringes. I thought that the unusual, but very pretty, bottom of the jeans would look even better with some embellishments, so I decided to do a quick DIY.

levis jeansgray levisbleached gray levis

For this DIY, I used clear, gray and black gemstones and beads that I already had. Some had holes and some didn’t. I used a glue gun to attach the jewels without the holes. You can sew on to the jeans the ones with the holes like I did.

pink glue gunjewels rhinestones diamond

I first arranged the jewels and beads on the bottom of the jeans just the way I wanted. Once I was happy with the way everything looked, I went ahead and attached all the embellishments on to the jeans. Here is the result.

jeans bleachedjeweled jeansgemstones jeans

These jeans no longer look just casual. I can pair them up with some cute high heels and wear them for a nicer occasion.

rhinestones gems levis jeansembellished skinny jeans

Few months ago, I did a similar DIY but instead of decorating the bottom of the jeans, I placed the jewels at the top. I got the oval crystals from Michaels.

blue jeweled jeans

This DIY project is so easy to do. It can be done with any type of embellishment. You can place the embellishments anywhere you want on any piece of clothing. One of the future DIY projects that I want to do is update some of my sweaters/shirts with some pearls and jewels.

I hope you enjoyed this quick DIY and will give your jeans a little upgrade as well!

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