DIY Easter bunny tree

There is nothing better than rediscovering and reusing some things that you have put away for a while. I have this beautiful pink, long vase with silver stripes where I used to hold cherry tree branches. The branches are so gorgeous because of glass flowers on them. I believe I got the branches from Pier One many years ago. The vase is from Home Goods.

silver pink floor vase

cherry tree branches

fake glass cherry tree branches

Inspired to make an Easter tree out of it, I brought this decor back.

For this tree, I wanted to make only one type of ornament in order to have a simpler, more elegant look, so I went with bunnies. You can use other Easter symbols including carrots, eggs, chicks…

First, I cut bunny shapes out of felt by using my new cricut maker. I am so happy with the way this machine cuts felt (use rotary blade).

pink cricut maker

felt bunnies

Next, I sewed the same-colored sides together and filled the bunnies with polyester filling.

DIY felt bunny

Last, I added ribbon on all of their backs so the bunnies can hang.

pastel Easter ornaments

The most fun part was decorating the bunnies. At first, I wanted to make each bunny different, but in the end, I went with the cute pom pom, fluffy tails (use glue gun to attach the pom poms).

bunny ornaments pom pom

I purposely made these ornaments very small and because of that, they look extra adorable. Now, you just hang the ornaments on the tree and enjoy the view.

pink vessel silver stripesEaster bunny treeDIY Easter treebunny treeEaster kitchen

This was so fun to make! Next time, I’ll make different ornaments!

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