Sun hat with a message

This week I’m bringing you another fun and easy DIY that’s perfect for the summer. I love t-shirts with writings and cool quotes on them, but a hat like that is even better! I wanted to have my own sun hat with a message for the longest time, so I decided to make one.

I first thought about what to write on my hat. In the beginning, I wanted a quote about a mermaid such as: “Mermaid at heart.” I also love those popular and overused quotes like: “Out of office,” “Beach please” and “Vacay all day,” but I wanted a message that would not only be appropriate at the beach or when on vacation. I wanted an uplifting, positive message about life. After giving it a good thought, I decided to go with the famous Italian quote: “La vita e bella.”

For this DIY, you will need a sun hat, glue and material with which you will write the letters. I got this white hat from Agaci for 13 dollars, but nowadays you can find similar ones pretty much anywhere. For my letters, I decided to use some light pink twine and a gold sequin trim.

white sun hatAgaci summer hatdiy sun hat

You can first lightly write the quote on the hat with a pencil/pen, so you know where to add the glue. I skipped this step and wrote straight with the glue on to the hat. I glued the twine on carefully and slowly, word by word. I decided to use a sequin string for the word “bella,” so it pops more. I love the pink and gold combination! Here is the result.

la vita e bella hatsequin hat lettershat with message bella

I can’t wait to wear it on my vacation! What message or quote would you put on your hat?

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