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What is the number one thing that you absolutely loved about Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw besides her amazing style? I would have to say her gigantic closet, of course! Ten years ago when my husband and I were looking to buy our first home, Carrie Bradshaw’s closet was at the top of my wish list (A girl can dream, can’t she?). In the end, it turned out that I didn’t get Bradshaw’s closet, but I did get my dream closet, thanks to my handyman husband who expanded an already existing small walk-in-closet. My closet is by far my favorite space in the house with my clothes, shoes, accessories, and all my favorite decor pieces. So, it’s only appropriate that I talk about this space first! Come on in!

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The focal point of my closet is the white mannequin with the DIY art wall behind it. There was no way I was going to have a closet like this without a chandelier! The light fixture is from IKEA, as is the majority of the furniture here. On the right side of the closet is the IKEA PAX wardrobe system, while on the left side are the IKEA KALLAX shelf units that my husband custom assembled for me. The first and last KALLAX shelf units have 5 cubes going vertically, while the middle one has 8 cubes split into two columns. The middle shelf unit sits on IKEA GODMORGON legs that were actually meant to be used for bathroom sink cabinets. Between the three KALLAX units are closet rods, which can be found in any home improvement store, and you can cut them to any size you need. Under the middle shelf unit is a simple shoe rack that can also be found in any store that has a home section. Right next to the shoe rack is a small, furry ottoman from Ross. Lastly, the fuzzy rug is from IKEA as well.

PAX wardrobe IKEA chandelier mannequin art

IKEA hack closet shelf units furniture KALLAX PAX wardrobe

I keep all of my dresses, skirts, and nicer clothes that I don’t use every day inside the PAX wardrobe system, as well as my purses. On the furthest KALLAX shelf units, I have (from top to bottom): my hats, sweaters, and winter accessories, including scarves and gloves. On the other two KALLAX shelf units, I keep: shirts, sweatshirts, accessories, and decorations. One closet rod is for jeans and pants, while I use the other one for clothes that I reach for the most. The very top of the shelves is decorated with different decor pieces including: boxes, paintings, and my favorite Betsey Johnson bag.

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I hope you find some inspiration here to create your own, beautiful closet space!

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