All I want for Christmas is…. slmissglam brushes!

Merry Christmas to those celebrating today! Since my blog is all about pretty things, I just have to talk about slmissglambeauty.

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Stephanie Lewis, the girl behind the brand, doesn’t need an introduction. I’m sure she has plenty of positive online reviews for her products (makeup brushes) as well. So instead of doing a typical product review, I thought of just sharing what I admire about slmissglam.

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I followed Stephanie’s makeup/decor youtube channel since the very start. Since then, Stephanie has built an amazing brand. She designs her own makeup brushes that keep getting more beautiful and glam. From pastel colors and unicorn brushes to cotton candy, sparkly brushes, her products are just gorgeous.

pink nutcracker Pier1girly makeup brushes slmissglamsparkly makeup brushcupcake ornament makeup brush

Now she has a vlog channel. Whether they are about makeup, home decor, shopping or her family (Stephanie has beautiful twin baby girls), her videos are fairytale-like.

But besides all the glam products, what I admire the most is how Stephanie created her brand based on kindness, generosity and support and love for others. Slmissglam is invested and involved with her followers. She always finds the time to answer all the comments on her Instagram (and there are a ton of comments to answer!). Stephanie literally “throws around kindness like confetti” and likes to give back to her followers with big giveaways.

Another admirable thing about slmissglam is her support of other people and their businesses. Even though she is not sponsored, Stephanie always mentions other people’s brands/products in her videos. She also encourages other people and is there to give them advice.

cake diamond ornament slmissglampastel Christmas tree

For these reasons and more, I find slmissglam so inspiring! I will continue to support and mention her whenever I get a chance! Who do you find inspiring?

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