Cute DIY pom pom beanie with eyelashes

Few weeks ago while shopping, I came across an adorable winter hat with eyelashes. The only problem: it was for little girls! So, I decided to make my own. Here I’m sharing with you this simple DIY.

You will need the following: beanie, card stock paper, felt, needle, thread, yarn and scissors.

I had this dirty pink beanie lying around that needed some update, so I decided to use it for this project.

blush winter hat

I first drew some eyelashes on card stock paper and cut out the shape.

bird scissors stork

You can skip this first step if you want, but it does help to use that card stock shape to cut out felt eyelashes.

sprinkles eyelashes felt

Now all you have to do is sew the felt eyelashes on to the beanie. This is little bit tricky to do because the thin, felt eyelashes can easily break. You have to sew each one on really carefully and make the stitches smaller in order to make the felt more firm.

eyelashes knit hat

After the eyelashes were attached to the hat, I decided to add a pom pom made of pink yarn. You can easily find tutorials on how to make a pom pom anywhere on the internet. You can even purchase a pom pom maker. I just wound the yarn around my hand.

diy pom pom

The last step to making a pom pom is to trim all the strands in order to get a nice round shape of the pom pom. If you use a pom pom maker, there is very little trimming that needs to be done.

pom pom

Lastly, I sewed the pom pom on to the beanie. Here is how it turned out.

pom pom hat eyelashes

There are so many ways you can update your old winter hat! This is just one idea that I hope will inspire you!

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